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Hardwood log cutting


Design, Consultancy, Grants and Funding, Planting and Maintenance of your Woodland.

Kiln Dried
Logs & Charcoal

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs, from Locally Grown Trees. Premium Devon Charcoal.

OUR 2023 SO FAR…

How are we doing?


Trees Planted


Cups of Tea


Hectares planted


What we do

We are a small company based in East Devon with over 20 years of experience in forestry. We work with clients across the UK on projects of all sizes. We provide a full service for the design, planting and maintenance of woodlands.

For residential customers we provide sustainable, kiln dried logs and charcoal delivery across Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

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It’s time to light the fire! Our kiln dried logs are keeping Crumble lovely and warm!

We have finally lit our fire here at home with our kiln dried logs.

Eucalyptus Nitens

I planted these Eucalyptus Nitens 2.5 years ago. They were 6 inch cell grown plants and now they are…

Kiln dried firewood is now being delivered on a daily basis. Order your winter supply from DRM Williams!!!