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September 2022

Kiln dried hardwood logs

Storing Ready to Burn Logs

Ensure your logs remain dry and ready to burn with our tips on log storage. Most customers will have an outdoor woodstore, bringing in a few logs to your fireside as needed. Here are some of our tips for storing your logs: Stack your logs neatly, ideally raised off the ground in a wood store or… Read More »Storing Ready to Burn Logs

Kiln drying process CHP

Sustainable Kiln dried logs

All logs to be burnt in residential stoves and wood burners should be dried. Air pollution is increased by the use of unseasoned, green wood. Woodsure Ready to Burn Certification requires logs to be at a moisture content of less than 20% to be ready for use. We work to a maximum of 15% moisture content.… Read More »Sustainable Kiln dried logs