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Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs


Kiln-dried hardwood logs, dried sustainably, for stove and fire use. Logs are cut to 8-10 inches on average (20-25cm) to fit all stove sizes. Available in a choice of sizes.

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Our kiln-dried hardwood logs for stove and fire use are delivered seasoned and ready to burn. Our drying process uses waste heat from agriculture to minimise the environmental impact. This is unlike some kiln dried logs, where up to 50% of the equivalent fuel is used in the drying process. You can find out more about our drying process here.

Logs are cut to 8-10 inches (20-25cm) on average to fit all stove sizes, including smaller stoves. This sizing also ensures the maximum amount of firewood per load. All logs are seasoned to a moisture level of 20% or below. Our kiln dried hardwood logs are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs and storage. Our smallest size is a Barrow Bag, approximately 1/3 of a cubic metre and we go up to our largest delivery of 5 cubic metres.

Our most popular delivery size is a single trailer load at 2 cubic metres.

Pick-up, trailer loads and Pick-up and trailer loads are delivered tipped and unbagged. If you have a bag to return from a previous delivery, or would prefer us to tip the logs and not leave a bag, enter code bagreturn on checkout for a £5 discount.

We deliver on set days of the week across Devon, Somerset and Dorset. Find out more about our delivery options here.

DRM Williams is Woodsure certified. Click here for some tips on how to store your logs at home.

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Barrow Bag (1/3 cubic metre), 90cm x 90cm Bag (3/4 cubic metre), Pick-up truck load (1 cubic metre), Trailer load (2 cubic metres), Pick-up truck and trailer load (3 cubic metres), 4 Cubic metres, 5 Cubic metres


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