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Making our Premium Devon Charcoal

Charcoal Furnace

Our Charcoal is made in our forest yard in Whimple, East Devon. All of the wood for our log delivery and charcoal products is sourced from managed woodlands. We have access to this wood through the regular maintenance of woodlands that we plant and manage. We source from the local area and the wood for our kiln dried log and charcoal products is all hardwood timber.

The majority of our charcoal is heated and made from offcut and waste wood from our log delivery service.

Making Charcoal
To make our charcoal we use an air flow carbonization furnace. This is a more efficient process than more traditional ways of making charcoal and reduces the amount of timber used in the heating process.

The air flow carbonization furnace is made up of a hardened steel cylinder that acts as an oven. Below the cylinder is a firebox and it has a release valve to release natural gases during the process.

A batch of charcoal takes approximately 6-8 hours to make, and we follow the following steps:

  • The furnace is filled with hardwood (that will eventually turn into charcoal)
  • A fire is lit in the firebox, below the cylinder, which brings the temperature up to 250-300 degrees celsius.
  • The release valve is opened and natural gases from the wood are released. This has the effect of bringing the furnace up to 500 degrees Celsius.
  • Once the natural gases have exhausted, the furnace will begin to cool It takes 3-4 hours to cool and we are left with finished charcoal.

As charcoal is created using its own natural gases, a limited amount of timber is used for the heating process.

This care in sourcing and creation makes our charcoal production as efficient as possible. Creating truly Premium Devon Charcoal!

Our Premium Devon Charcoal is available in bag sizes from 2.5kg and can be delivered to your door.

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