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Storing Ready to Burn Logs

Kiln dried hardwood logs

Ensure your logs remain dry and ready to burn with our tips on log storage. Most customers will have an outdoor woodstore, bringing in a few logs to your fireside as needed. Here are some of our tips for storing your logs:

  • Stack your logs neatly, ideally raised off the ground in a wood store or at least on a plastic sheet or tarpaulin.
  • Allow air to circulate around your logs
  • Do not closely cover the logs with tarpaulin
  • Protect the logs against the rain, ideally in a wood store.
  • If you are creating a new log store, it would ideally be located in direct sunlight and with ease of access.
  • Avoid dumping logs in a heap on grass, or storing under trees

Finally, when storing indoors, ensure your logs are not stacked and touching your wood burner or stove.

You can order our kiln dried hardwood logs here, delivered to your door in a range of delivery sizes.


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