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Woodland Creation to Kiln Dried Logs and Charcoal

Hardwood log cutting

At DRM Williams, we are proud to work on the full lifecycle of forestry and planting through to our log and charcoal delivery service.

Over 20 years ago, Dan Williams began the business providing a forestry service to local estate managers and landowners. As the business grew, Dan took on a small team who manage woodland creations, forestry and planting, and the maintenance and restocking of woodlands.

DRM Williams has many different clients for woodland creation and forestry maintenance. The projects are many and varied and include large scale planting of new woodlands on both private and public estates, through to smaller planting projects and restocking and maintenance of woodlands.

A byproduct of all woodland maintenance is the removal and clearance of trees that are hampering the growth and health of the woodland. In more recent years, a significant part of this has been clearing trees lost to ash dieback. When this hardwood needs clearing from any site, it provides the wood for our log delivery and charcoal products. If we ever need to source additional wood for this service it is all locally sourced from our connections to Estate Managers in the South West.

There is an increasing awareness and discussion of the impact of burning wood at home in stoves and woodburners. We are committed to the steps that reduce the impact of this, and our Woodsure certification is part of this. You will see through this site that we are working hard to provide a sustainable product. Our kiln dried logs are dried using waste heat from an agricultural process and our charcoal is prepared in our airflow carbonization furnace which reduces the fuel used when compared with traditional methods.

We appreciate you visiting DRM Williams and your business. You can order kiln dried hardwood logs and charcoal from us here.

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