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Woodland Creations

A full service covering funding, design, supply and planting, and maintenance of your woodland.

Our Services


We have over 20 years of experience in forestry with a large client base with whom we work very closely.

Woodland Planting

We have planted over 5 million trees throughout the South West and nationwide. We have excellent relationships with suppliers of trees, shrubs, hedging, amenity, Fruit trees and more. We can supply rhobina hardwood stakes along with tree guards and spirals

Woodland Design

We provide an end to end service, from large woodland creation design, supply and planting to planting an individual tree. Our design service applies Forestry Commission best practice and considers your landscape, tree species, planting density, boundary requirements and maintenance needs.

Grants and Funding

We work with forest managers who can assist in the application process for woodland grants on new schemes and managing existing woodlands. Contact us for more information.

Maintenance and Restocking

We have extensive experience managing woodlands, from ensuring new planting becomes established, to regular inspection and management of your woodland.

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